Cheapest Social Media Panel

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SMM Panel; These are panels that contain interaction services for popular social media platforms. You can support your social media strategy in the most effective way with SMM panels that save time and effort.

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Terms of Use

Article 1: If you place an order again from the same link before your order is completed in the system, the system will take the starting numbers of both of them as the same and your balance may be burned.

Article 2: If you place an order while your profile is private, the system may make the order status completed and will not refund the transaction fee!

Article 3: If part of your order is completed or canceled (except Article 2), your money will be refunded. Please try ordering again or ordering from a different service.

Article 4: You should not enter an order again while your active order is still on the same link. The system takes the same initial numbers and there may be incomplete shipments.

Article 5: There is no guarantee for bot follower services, the followers can be deleted even the next day, please order with this in mind.

Article 6: Our panel never gives a time guarantee. Although it is not clear when social media will update, the times written in the service descriptions are the closest estimated times we have stated.

Article 7: It is forbidden to withdraw members to +18, adult, iddaa coupon sales accounts or illegal gambling accounts, etc.

Article 8: The balance deposited into the system is never refunded. However, if there is a problem caused by us and an alternative service cannot be offered, a refund is made.

Article 9: After placing your order, account, shipment etc. Do not change or hide their IDs and do not order from anywhere else before the order is completed. If the transaction results incorrectly or is completed without shipping, do not order from other places until you receive a response from us!

Article 10: Anyone who registers to our system and places an order accepts these rules and cannot complain or claim rights in case of any disruption.

Article 11: Although the data written in the service descriptions are not up-to-date, they are valid in this contract because we do not know what data any service reflects instantly, service descriptions are only preliminary information, warranty and start times may vary.

Article 12: The order placed is the responsibility of the user. If the status of the order is completed as a result of the wrong link, is not responsible and a refund cannot be claimed.

Article 13: Compensation Conditions

+Guaranteed services do not guarantee that the amount will not drop, but rather that the amount that drops will be compensated.

+Your profile must be public.

+Compensation is provided for orders that are less than the sum of the order starting number and order quantity.

+No compensation can be provided for username changes.

+For partially completed orders, the button is not active and compensation is provided manually.

+If there is a decrease within 24 hours after the order is completed, it can be compensated.

+ The compensation button will be activated 24 hours after the order is completed

+Each order is evaluated SEPARATELY for compensation. If you place an order again before the guaranteed order you placed for the same profile expires, the orders will be evaluated separately.

For example,

Order starting number 1000

Order quantity 2000

This order will not be compensated until it falls below 3000 and will not be compensated if it falls below 1000. is not responsible and no refund can be claimed.